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ADRIANO the Mountain Guide
The emotion of being up there alone...
The pleasure of being up there in good company...
Wind... silence... effort... satisfaction...happiness... sunset…...freedom.

Mountain passion.
A fire that slowly burns and warms up, a feeling to be shared and spread.
A vocation for an immense and unique world that becomes a life choice.

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Learning how to experience and respect the alpine environment.
Being able to proceed in full security and living, step after step, the intense and engaging rithms of the surrounding nature, looking for our own limits and for a unique experience that will become an unforgettable memory.
Discovering the true spirit of living in the mountains, where walking and climbing mean also listening, observing, thinking and feeling small and big emotions.
select from the proposed ACTIVITIES

Become familiar with a mountain group by exploring it through unknown itineraries, discovering unique landscapes and views. Days of overwhelming freedom, immersed in nature and far from the frenzy of daily routine - live the experience of moving freely in full harmony with the surroundings.


Experience these equipped “iron pathways” - challenging aerial itineraries among suggestive landscapes with breathtaking view of peaks, pinnacles and cliffs of the Dolomites. An opportunity to observe close-up the extraordinary and severe environment where climbers and mountaineers venture.


Experience the emotion of tackling the apparently inaccessible dolomitic cliffs; the rewarding satisfaction of climbing the classic or modern routes where the aerial passages and dizzying abseil descents will remain a strong and non-fading memory.

High Mountain

Gratifying trails across expanses of ice, majestic ridges and, from the high altitudes, dominate endless horizons and magnificent Alpine landscapes. Fulfill the dream of being on the summit, where land ends and skies begin, savoring the conquest of the most re-known peaks of the Alpine range.


Savour the winter mountain amid the purity of the white snow and the magic of silence. Discover amazing trails, crossing valleys and passes in an engaging sequence of gratifying up-hills and thrilling descents


Be entirely engulfed by the captivating flawless mantle of snow.  Savour performances in the freshly fallen snow or admire the lines designed on the shining firn.

Ice falls

Climbing on frozen flows, formed by the freezing of water, is one of the most fascinating and thrilling winter activities. The adventurous climb of these amazing blue lines leads to a very unique and striking environment.  This type of climb ensures adrenalin-charged sensations. 

Accompanied skiing

Visit the most re-known resorts and ski areas of the Dolomites. Break the routine and live intense moments of freedom. Great skiing, together with guidance and advice, the days will be an interesting mix, combining fun with the ski lesson and interest of the surroundings with the taste of good food.

live with SAFETY ACADEMY the winter mountain

The proposals want to promote and spread mountain culture and information. It’s a different and well aware way to approach winter activities, endorsing fun and gratification.

Lessons and courses are organized with exciting tours in winter environment and are addressed to people with different technical skills, who are approaching and/or improving skitouring, excursions, trekking, mountaineering, climbing or freediring.
The Avalanche Training Center is available to improve rescue missions’ skills and methods. The Training centre is the ideal spot to improve self training or host specific courses.